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We are proud to inform you that we have received support from the ERDF for our new project.

We are currently developing a new piece of equipment (RV01), a modular and remotely controlled magneto-inductive device for inspecting wire ropes of various diameters.

Project Objectives:

The aim is to create a model to identify a limited number of magnetic modules designed through CAD simulation. The goal of maximum flexibility, with a view to reusing proven materials, solutions, and components, will allow for the production of equipment suitable for numerous existing field situations in the extremely rapid timeframes required today. The equipment, which is the subject of the project, is equipped with a remote control system that allows for semi-automatic testing of the wire ropes.

Expected Results:

The possibility for the end user to have a single modular tool suitable for many situations will make this instrument highly attractive to the market. The prospect of having a reduced number of modular components forming a single instrument that can be approved in various configurations allows for a reduction in maintenance and annual certification costs. Present a modular solution to the market, manageable remotely with real-time sharing of verification results with the customer.

Eligible expenditure: €127,132.00 Granted contribution: €52,056.20 (including €20,822.48 from the EU)