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Security Checks since 1977

A History of Safety

SECURITY CONTROL was founded in 1977, drawing on the pioneering experience gained since the 1960s in the field of ropeway system inspections for passenger transport by one of its founders, Roberto Visintin.

Starting with the inspection of wire ropes as a specialized intervention, it then moved on to the development of specific equipment.

In fact, in the early 1980s, SECURITY CONTROL produced the first magneto-inductive devices made in Italy that were recognized by the Ministry of Transport for the periodic inspection of ropes in ropeway systems used for public transport.

Over the years, the company’s research and development laboratory has developed a whole series of equipment for inspecting wire ropes used in numerous application sectors, from transportation (cable cars, gondolas, chairlifts, cableways, escalators, inclined planes) to lifting (cranes, hoists, overhead cranes, elevators, freight elevators), and tensile structures (suspension bridges, guyed masts, large building roofs).


These pieces of equipment are the result of a continuous process of research and development aimed at sourcing innovative materials from the market to design increasingly precise and manageable devices.


After Roberto Visintin acquired 100% of the company’s shares in the 1990s, SECURITY CONTROL evolved into a company capable of meeting a wide range of inspection needs for those responsible for the safety of industrial lifting systems and passenger transportation.

In fact, the expertise developed on the systems during the inspection of steel ropes allowed SECURITY CONTROL to broaden its field of activity, adding a wide range of traditional non-destructive testing services on mechanical and structural components and on all the accessories used for the operation of the systems themselves.


Since 2000, SECURITY CONTROL has further extended its expertise to include the lubrication of lifting systems, the replacement of steel ropes, and the production of fused heads. Today, the portfolio of services offered also includes the installation and inspection of lifelines, as well as the periodic verification of third-level personal protective equipment, thus providing a broad spectrum of activities aimed at ensuring workplace safety.

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