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Companies that perform non-destructive testing (NDT) are service providers with a high technical-scientific content, characterized by a strong experimental component.
Even more than in other experimental activities, the quality of the results provided by these companies depends not only on the proper management and organization of activities (processes) and the availability of necessary equipment (productive means) but also, and above all, on the “competence” of the personnel involved. These individuals are required to evaluate “raw” data and provide “subjective” interpretations based on true professional judgment.

The Team

The personnel employed by Security Control are qualified and certified according to the UNI EN 473 and UNI EN ISO 9712 standards “Qualification and Certification of Personnel for Non-Destructive Testing.”

Qualification: Demonstration of the training, professional knowledge, skill, and experience, as well as the physical fitness of the personnel.
Certification: The procedure used to demonstrate the qualification of NDT personnel in a given method, level, or sector, which leads to the issuance of a certificate. Certification Body: An organization that manages the certification procedures for NDT personnel in accordance with the requirements of the UNI EN ISO 9712 standard.
Authorized Qualification Body: An independent organization, free from any predominant interest, authorized by the Certification Body to prepare and administer the qualification exams for NDT personnel.

SECURITY CONTROL relies on the CICPND (Italian Coordination Center for Non-Destructive Testing) for the qualification and certification of its personnel, sponsored by CNR – ENEA – ISPELS – RINa – UNI.
CICPND is accredited by SINCERT (Reg. 012C).

The SOA Certificate is the document issued by SOA – Certification Bodies, private companies authorized to issue the qualification certificate, which demonstrates the possession of the requirements specified in Article. 8 of Law 109/1994.


The certificate demonstrates compliance with fiscal and contributory obligations, organizational technical capacity, operational capability, absence of criminal proceedings, and possession of banking references. These are essential requirements for entering the public and private markets.


In fact, in place of the now-abolished National Register of Constructors and by virtue of the new regulations on public procurement, the SOA certificate is a necessary document to prove the company’s ability to undertake any public supply and installation contract with a starting bid amount exceeding €150,000.00.


For the issuance of the certification, which is valid for five years subject to a confirmation request in the third year of issuance, the company’s last five years of activity are analyzed.

According to the provisions of DPR 34/2000, companies are qualified:

for categories of general works;

for categories of specialized works;

within each category, based on 8 classes of amount.

SECURITY CONTROL has obtained the SOA certification in specialized works – category OS31 – Suspended Mobility Systems – Class III up to €1,032,913.

Specialized works (“OS”) are those that constitute a part of the construction of a project or intervention and, due to their nature, require particular specialization and professionalism.


This qualification is achieved by demonstrating the ability to carry out in-house the activity of execution, restructuring, and maintenance of specific works. It presupposes effective operational and organizational capacity, possession of specific technical and administrative qualifications prescribed by current regulations.

In June 2000, the Board of Directors of CICPND – Italian Center for Certification of Non-Destructive Testing and Industrial Processes – ratified a new Regulation for the approval of NDT Examination Centers for CICPND certification at levels 1 and 2, through which Examination Centers were authorized to conduct exams outside their own premises, ensuring compliance with the applicable technical requirements provided for the Examination Center’s premises.

Based on the required criteria, in February 2007, SECURITY CONTROL was the first company to be recognized by CICPND as an NDT Examination Center for the Wire Rope Sector, for the certification of personnel experienced in non-destructive testing on wire ropes used for lifting, the transportation of people and goods, and for tensile structures.


Expected soon at our company headquarters, the establishment of specific courses for personnel of 1st and 2nd levels, experts in non-destructive testing, magnetic-inductive (MIT) and visual (VT).

From 1996 onwards, SECURITY CONTROL developed its own Quality Management System certified by Registro Italiano Navale – RINA, initially through compliance with the UNI EN ISO 9002:1994 standard for “non-destructive testing of rope installations for any use and maintenance of installations and related metal ropes.” Subsequently, in 1998, it expanded to include activities related to the “design and construction of magnetic-inductive equipment,” applying the directives of the UNI EN ISO 9001:1994 standard.

Currently, the Quality Management System complies with the UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 standard.

This Quality Management System involves planning the processes of design, production, and control, along with subsequent implementation and development of all necessary actions to ensure that a product/service conforms to what is specified in the contractual documents.

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